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Beijing has a history of more than 3000 years as a city and over 800 years as the nations capital. The long history enriches Beijing with plenty of cultural heritages, the grand Great Wall, the magnificent Palace Museum, the graceful Summer Palace, the solemn Temple of HeavenMing Tomb and much more. 

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Phil Bredesen and Andrea Conte, Former Tennessee Governor USA 2007-10-24
"Jinglebell, as a governor, I've had the privilege of traveling extensively, and I must say your guidance in Beijing stands out as exceptional. Your deep knowledge, professionalism, and engaging approach made our visit truly memorable. Thank you for showcasing the beauty and history of Beijing with such finesse. Highly commendable!"
Marius from Swiss Embassy, Beijing 2023-12-08
Thank you Jinglebell, that was a really great tour, our delegation liked it a lot.
Eleonore from France Embassy, Beijing 2022-10-23
"Thanks for the fantastic tour, Jinglebell! Your insights into Beijing's history were enlightening."
Markus from German Embassy, Beijing 2023-10-13
"We had a great time exploring Beijing with Jinglebell – a top-notch guide!"
Ali from Qatar 2023-10-04
Jinglebell did an amazing job. Thank you so much!
Shenzhen International Foundation College 2023-11-18
"Jinglebell, your guidance in Beijing was nothing short of fantastic! Your passion for history and vibrant storytelling captivated both students and teachers alike. Thank you for turning our educational trip into a memorable and insightful experience. Highly recommended!"
Noble Edison Family from the Philippines 2024-01-01
"Thanks for being an awesome guide, Jinglebell! Beijing wouldn't have been the same without you."
Lioe Family from Seattle 2022-08-08
"Jinglebell, your enthusiasm for Beijing's culture and landmarks was contagious. Loved it!"
Sasha Family from Los Angeles 2023-10-31
"Thank you, Jinglebell, for your flexibility and adaptability during the tour. Your ability to cater to our interests made the experience personalized and enjoyable."
James Family from New York 2023-09-02
"Jinglebell, our family had an amazing time exploring Beijing with you! Your friendly demeanor, extensive knowledge, and knack for making history fun made the trip unforgettable. Thanks for being an outstanding guide and enhancing our experience in this incredible city!"
Hisense Company USA 2023-09-27
"Thank you, Jinglebell, for making Beijing's history so interesting and easy to understand."
Yutong Company, Zhenzhou 2024-01-15
"Jinglebell, your attention to detail and willingness to answer all our questions made the tour an engaging and informative experience. We appreciate your dedication!"
Henry Yu Family from USA 2023-06-05
"Thank you, Jinglebell, for being the perfect guide – knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready with a smile!"