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3-hour Antique Markets Hutong Walk Small Group Tour
Qianmen Street, Dashilar street, Yangmeizhu Diagonal Street, Eight Great Hutongs, Liulichang street
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This guided 3-hour Antique Market Hutong Walking Tour will lead you through the historic streets of Beijing's Qianmen area, immersing you in the authentic daily life of Beijingers. Explore ancient alleyways, courtyard houses, and bustling markets along Qianmen Street, Dashilar Street, and Yangmeizhu Diagonal Street. Wander through the old red-light district Eight Great Hutongs and indulge in strolls and shopping on the famous Liulichang Cultural Street, renowned for its arts and crafts.

Accompanying by a knowledge guide, learning Beijing's old and rich culture hidden in hutongs
Taste varieties of Beijing’s local snack food and shop in Beijing’s oldest commercial streets
Explore ancient alleyways and traditional courtyard houses and experience the authentic daily life of Beijingers.
3 hours3-hour Antique Markets Hutong Walk Group Tour
1:50pm-17:00pm This is the oldest Hutong area in Beijing. You may feel you have stepped back in time as you wander through them. Qianmen Street and Dashila Street are Beijing's oldest commercial streets, crowded with long-established shops selling clothing, fabric, shoes, etc. For Example, Tongrentang, established in 1669, is China's most famous purveyor of traditional Chinese medicine. Ruifuxiang has been selling silk here since 1893; Qianxiangyi was established in 1840 as one of Beijing's most reputable silk shops. Neiliansheng Shoe Shop is the oldest existing cloth shoe shop in China since 1853, and Chairman Mao Zedong and other luminaries had their footwear made here. Daguanlou Cinema is the first cinema built in China since 1903.

Liulichang Cultural Street is Beijing’s best-known antiques street. It is a treasure trove of calligraphy, paintings, ancient books, and traditional Chinese crafts. The“Eight Great Hutongs” of Beijing are Baishun Hutong, Yanzhi Hutong, Hanjia Hutong, Shaanxi Lane, Shitou Hutong, Wangguangfu Xiejie (today’s Zongshu Xiejie), Zhujia Hutong, and Lishamao Hutong (today’s Xiaoli Hutong). Here are
the cradle of birth of Beijing opera and old red light district. Many Beijing opera master used to lived here. Visit the former site of the brothel, appreciate the architectural style here with strong ethnic characteristics, doors and windows, railings, eaves have special designs.

Yangmeizhu Diagonal Street literally means “aspen plum and bamboo street”.  Contrastingly blending vintage charm with avant-garde flair, this street stands out from the more conventional hutongs. With an array of independent studios and shops, it promises delightful surprises as you leisurely wander through its alleyways.
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