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Red Theatre Acrobatic Show
Acrobatic Show
1 Day USD
Tour Code: Duration: Available: Tour Code:BJ-ST- 02 Duration:60 mins Available:Daily

Red Theatre Acrobatic Show is originally called Chaoyang Acrobatic Show.  Since Red Theatre Kungfu Show was permanently closed during the pandemic, Chaoyang Acrobatic Show moved to today’s red theatre.

Acrobatics has been popular in China for over two thousand years.  Red Theatre Acrobatic Show features mind-blowing tricks, death-defying acts, and graceful choreography loaded with color and excitement.  From contortionist acts to high-wire stunts, this performance has it all. Honestly, this is the best acrobatic show in Beijing.

Enjoy the best acrobatic show in Beijing;
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Day 1Red Theatre Acrobatic Show

How to book the tickets?

Show time:16:00-17:00; 17:30-18:30 daily

Step 1. Choose your prefer show time and seat from the Seat Map below.

Step 2.  Please write e-mail to jinglebelltravel@hotmail.com or call +86 -13146564429. Paypal payment made in advance. Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.
Step 3.  You will get a confirmation e-mail or call from us when your booking is confirmed.
Step 4.  Our staff will meet you at the theater entrance 30 mins before the show to give you the tickets and show you the seats. We are not in the ticket window.

How to get there?
Address:  44 Red Theater, Xinfu Road, Chongwen District, Beijing.
By Subway: Take Subway Line 5 to “Tiantandonemen (天坛东门),” Come out from Exit B, then walk about 100m, when you see the Tiantan Hotel then turn left, you will arrive the theatre.

By tax: show this to the tax driver “我要去崇文门幸福大街44号红剧场”.

Book Price
Seats Section Official Price Our Price Infant(Age:0-3)
1st floor
(row11-22 middle)
¥280 ¥250 (US$34) ¥125(US$17)
1st floor
(row1-2 middle)
¥300 (US$45)
1st floor
(row 3-4 middle)
¥380 (US$58)
¥190 (US$29)
1st floor
(row 5-6 middle)
¥550 (US$85)
1st floor
(row 7- 10VIP)
1st floor
(two sides)
¥160 (US$30)
¥80 (US$15)
Acrobatic Show tickets
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