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Discover Tianjin City by Bullet Train from Beijing
Tianjin Eye, Ancient Culture Street, The Fifth Avenue, Porcelain House, round trip bullet train
1 Day USD
Tour Code: Duration: Available: Tour Code:TJCT-01 Duration:9-10 hours Available:Daily
Embark on a delightful journey from Beijing to Tianjin aboard a swift bullet train, enjoying a scenic 30-minute ride through charming Chinese suburbs. Your friendly private guide will be your companion as you explore Tianjin's highlights, including the Tianjin Eye Ferris wheel, Ancient Culture Street, The Fifth Avenue, and the fascinating Porcelain House.

Savor the flavors of Tianjin local snacks, indulge in some enjoyable shopping, and then smoothly return to Beijing on the bullet train. Our all-inclusive package covers everything you need, from a private driver to entrance fees and a delicious lunch. Experience the best of Tianjin with ease and comfort on this curated adventure.
Exploring all the must-visit sights in Tianjin City in one day.
Round trip bullet train ride ensuring you a different and comfortable journey.
Enjoy a seamless, personalized, and stress-free travel experience from your friendly private guide and driver.
Day 1Discover Tianjin City by Bullet Train from Beijing
8:00 Meet your private guide at the hotel lobby at 8:00 am or your preferred time. Then, drive to the Beijing South Railway Station to take the bullet train to Tianjin (35 mins ride to Tianjin).

10:30- 17:00 Upon arrival, your private driver in Tianjin will drive directly to the Garden of Serenity, a museum and former residence of Puyi, the last emperor of China.  It was the residence of Lu Zongyu, a warlord and a member of the Senate during the Republican era. In 1929, Puyi moved to the villa and changed the name to "the Garden of Serenity''.  Puyi lived there until 1931 before moving to Manchukuo (about 1 hour).

Visit the Porcelain House. The Porcelain House in Tianjin is a stunning architectural gem renowned for its unique exterior adorned with vibrant porcelain sculptures. Initially built in the 1920s, it underwent a transformative renovation in 2002 under the ownership of Zhang Lianzhi. This extraordinary blend of traditional Chinese artistry and modern creativity makes the Porcelain House a captivating and visually striking landmark in Tianjin (about 45 mins).

Enjoy a delicious Tianjin-style lunch.  Then continue your tour exploring the Five Great Avenues, a charming European-style boulevard that transports visitors to the city's colonial past. Lined with well-preserved historic buildings, the avenue showcases diverse architectural styles from the early 20th century. Strolling along this picturesque street, you can admire the grandeur of colonial-era structures, housing cafes, boutiques, and museums (about 1 hour).

Then head to the Ancient Culture Street. Lined with diverse shops, market stalls, and local eateries, it offers a delightful mix of classic cultural features, folk crafts, and delectable snacks in a lively and picturesque setting (about 45 mins).

Take a leisurely walk along the delightful promenade, unwind in the expansive Haihe Cultural Square, and marvel at the striking blend of towering skyscrapers in Tianjin's captivating cityscape. Capture the beauty of the iconic Tianjin Eye from a picturesque distance (about 20 mins).

Conclude your journey at the captivating Italian Style Street, once the exclusive Italian concession abroad and now a remarkable collection of expansive Italian-style structures in Asia. At the heart of this vibrant street lies the Macro Polo Plaza, where you can savor authentic pizza, indulge in Italian pasta, and experience the charm of Italian aperitifs. Immerse yourself in the ambiance with captivating Italian performances, along with exhibitions showcasing exquisite Italian fashion and handicrafts (about 45 mins).

After Tianjin’s tour, head back to Tianjin Railway Station for a relaxing return journey to Beijing by bullet train.

19:00 Your guide will transfer you back to your Beijing hotel.

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Beijing Hotel pick- up and drop-off by Uber or Taxi
Experienced English-speaking tour guide
Private driver in Tianjin
Admission tickets listed above
Round trip Bullet Train Seats (economy class, update seat class upon request)
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Warmly Suggestions
1 Your guide will contact you or leave a message in your hotel room the evening before your next day's tour.
2 Many places have already started using E-tickets now. Please bring your valid passport on the day of travel if the sites need to confirm your name with the tickets.
3 Please note that the itinerary is flexible, and we can adjust it according to your interests, the weather, or any unexpected conditions.
4 We will take you to a local Chinese restaurant and curate all the dishes for the lunch-inclusive tour. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or taboos. If you want to change any dishes, your guide will assist you. You can cover the cost difference for any costs above our budget. Let the guide know whether you want the guide and driver to eat at the same table as you. We respect your custom and choice!
5 The quoted price is an 8-9 tour price. More than 10 hours may incur an extra charge.
6 This tour is private, and no other tourist will join in.
7 Tips are not compulsory, but it is encouraged to tip the guide and driver if they provide good service.
8 Our tours are not shopping tours, so we will not take you to any factories or stores for shopping without your request.