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Customized Private Xi’an Trip with your preferences
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Tour Code: Duration: Available: Tour Code:XCT-03 Duration:8-10 hours Available:Daily

Craft your own Xi'an experience according to the days you stay, and you like, choosing from iconic attractions such as the Terra-Cotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and other sights. Enjoy the freedom to explore at your own pace, with a private guide and driver to accommodate your interests and curiosities.

Explore the Terracotta Warriors and a few other Xi'an attractions of your choosing.
More flexible and more efficient, accompanied by a friendly private guide and driver.
Day 1Customized Private Xi’an Trip with your preferences
Choice 1-3 famous attractions for the day trip according to your time and preferences, and it’s better to let us know in advance so we can help you book the tickets and make a reservation.  

Xi’an east travel route:
1. Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum (40km from the city center, about a 1-hour drive, and takes 3 hours to visit.)
2. Xi'an Banpo Museum (located on the way between Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum and the city center. 30 mins driver from each place and takes 2 hours to visit.)
3. Huaqing Palace (8km away from Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum, about 15 mins drive and takes 1.5 hours to visit.) 

Xi’an city travel route:
1. Ancient City Wall (takes about 1.5 hours to visit)
2.Muslim Quarter (near the drum tower and bell tower, takes about 40mins to visit)
3. Muslim Mosque (located inside the Muslim Quarter, takes about 30mins to visit)
4. Wild Goose Pagoda (8km away from Muslim Quarter, 30 mins drive, takes about 1 hour to visit)
5. Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-Bright City and sculptures (close to the Wild Goose Pagoda. Best walk at night, takes about 1.5 hours to visit).
6. Small Goose Pagoda and Xi’an Museum (6km away from the wild Goose Pagoda, 20mins drive and take about 1.5 hours to visit)
7. Shannxi History Museum (takes about 2 hours to visit, but it’s also hard to get tickets during the peak season)
8. Forest of Stone Steles Museum (2km from the drum tower and takes 1 hour to visit)Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling Banquet (1 hour for the dumpling Banquet and 1 hour for the show at night. They can be booked separately or together.)

Xi’an North Travel Route:
9.Hanyang Mausoleum(23km from the Xi’an City Center, 45mins drive, on the way to the Xi’an Airport.  It takes about 2 hours to visit)
10.Yuanjiachun village (65km from the Xi’an City Center, about 1-hour drive. It takes 1.5 hours to visit.) 

Xi’an West Travel Route:
11. Famen Temple (120km from the Xi’an City Center, about 2 hours drive.  It takes 2 hours to visit)
12. Qianling Tomb (located between Xi’an City and the Famen Temple.  85km from Xi’an City.  It takes 1.5 hours to visit.)

Xi’an outskirt Tour:
13.Mt. Huashan (120km from the Northeast of Xi’an City, about 2 hours drive.  It’s a full day trip to go there)

Book Price
Prices vary depending on programs, travel dates, and the size of the travelers. Please email us to get an updated price.   
Hotel pick- up and drop-off
Experienced English-speaking tour guide service.
Air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver
Bottles of drinking water
Admission tickets
Gratuity to the guide and driver
Warmly Suggestions
1 Your guide will contact you or leave a message in your hotel room the evening before your next day's tour.
2 Many places have already started using E-tickets now. Please bring your valid passport on the day of travel if the sites need to confirm your name with the tickets.
3 Please note that the itinerary is flexible, and we can adjust it according to your interests, the weather, or any unexpected conditions.
4 We will take you to a local Chinese restaurant and curate all the dishes for the lunch-inclusive tour. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or taboos. If you want to change any dishes, your guide will assist you. You can cover the difference in costs for any costs above our budget. Let the guide know whether you want the guide and driver to eat at the same table as you. We respect your custom and choice!
5 The quoted price is an 8-9 tour price. More than 10 hours may incur an extra charge.
6 This tour is private, and no other tourist will join in.
7 Tips are not compulsory, but it is encouraged to tip the guide and driver if they provide good service.
8 Our tours are not shopping tours, so we will not take you to any factories or stores for shopping without your request.